Episode 348: Kiwis on the rebound in New Zealand, a brilliant new form of solar panel, the Christmas markets of Austria, a hard-swingin’ rendition of “Jumpin’ At The Woodside” with Basie and Oscar Peterson, and more…

Good News: Kiwi birds in New Zealand are showing strong signs of a comeback, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Another delightful quote (two actually!), from A.A. Milne.

Good To Know: Interesting trivia about Necco Wafers!

Good News: Scientists and engineers have developed a new form of solar paneling that can actually be PRINTED on conventional printing technology, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a short virtual tour of the splendid Christmas markets of Salzburg and Vienna, HERE.

Good For You: Howard Pyle’s brilliant “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood” is classic literature and definitely Good For You. Check out the audiobook HERE.

Sounds Good: Revel the the joy of two masters playing music together — Oscar Peterson and Count Basie spend three minutes swinging “Jumpin’ At The Woodside”, HERE.

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