Episode 346: A steelworkers union converts a former mill for green power, a thoughtful quote from A.A. Milne, the delights of Vienna’s classic coffeehouses, a swinging performance from Oscar Peterson, and more…

Good News: A new fleet of freight trucks are hitting the roads with new tech to fight carbon emissions, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Eeyore leads off a week of lovely quotes from A.A. Milne’s classic Winnie-The-Pooh stories.

Good To Know: A fun historical fact about Snickers candy bars…

Good News: The United Steelworkers Union is helping to convert a former steel mill in Maryland into a factory for wind turbine parts, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: A weeklong celebration of Austria kicks off with some of the delightful vintage coffeehouses of Vienna, Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly joke of questionable humorous value…

Sounds Good: Yesterday was Oscar Peterson’s birthdays we are celebrating him all week long, starting with a hard-swingin’ performance of “Tonight” from West Side Story, performed in Denmark in 1964, Link HERE.

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