Episode 343: “Energy-positive” homes in Wales, a great quote from Longfellow, the delights of Harvard Square, the phenomenal blues singing of Jimmy Witherspoon, and more…

Good News: Cargo bicycles are poised to help deliver freight throughout London with more efficiency and less carbon emissions than traditional transport, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A truly great quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Good To Know: A startling fact about thistles…

Good News: “Energy-positive” homes in the country of Wales are producing more energy than they consume! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out a brief but surprisingly compelling video about the cool things to see and do in Harvard Square, HERE.

Good For You: Learning interesting things is always Good, so check out the YouTube channel “Great Art Explained” to deepen your knowledge about artistic masterpieces like this one HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy belated birthday (August 8th!) to the brilliant blues singer Jimmy Witherspoon! Listen to his genius and some great interviews HERE.

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