Episode 340: Cows may help defeat single-use plastics, yet more wisdom from Jane Austen, the phenomenal Craigie Burger in Boston, the quiet genius of Mister Rogers, Duke Ellington swings “Satin Doll”, and more…

Good News: Cows may hold a key to breaking down and eliminating the plastics used to make single-use plastics, Link HERE.

The Good Word: One more great quote from Jane Austen.

Good To Know: Another mind-blowing fact about trees!

Good News: The U.S. state of Maine has enacted sweeping legislation to ban “forever chemicals”, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Craigie On Main is a great restaurant in Boston, and the Craigie Burger is justifiably famous. Find out why HERE.

Good Company: Take a few restorative minutes in the very Good Company of Mister Rogers, HERE.

Sounds Good: Check out Duke Ellington and His Orchestra in 1962, swinging his hit song “Satin Doll”, Link HERE.

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