Episode 336: No more old-growth logging in Tongass Nat’l Forest, a brilliant quote from Jane Austen, the remarkable ship U.S.S. Constitution, Duke Ellington’s first composition, and more…

Good News: The U.S. government announces a halt to logging in the largest old-growth temperate rainforest on Earth, Tongass National Forest in Alaska! Link HERE.

The Good Word: Listen to some serious wisdom from Jane Austen!

Good To Know: Learn something startling about trees…

Good News: Over 2,500 students in South Carolina have had their student debt ERASED, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Kicking off a week spent exploring Boston, with a visit to the historic U.S.S. Constitution, Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly attempt at a decent joke…

Sounds Good: It’s a week of Duke Ellington’s amazing music, beginning with his performance of the first piece of music he ever wrote, “Soda Fountain Rag”, HERE.

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