Episode 331: A ring of forest around Madrid, a brilliant thought from Toni Morrison, scuba diving inside a tectonic fissure, amazing hip-hop from Jurassic 5, and more…

Good News: Madrid is planting a giant ring forest around the perimeter of the city to help fight the “heat island” effect, Link HERE.

The Good Word: An absolutely brilliant quote from author Toni Morrison.

Good To Know: A pretty mind-blowing fact about your DNA and outer space…

Good News: Mussels might just be a big help in the global fight agains micro plastics in our oceans, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Exploring amazing underwater places around the world, we start with the Silfra Fissure in Iceland. Learn more about it HERE.

Good One: Your weekly dose of…humor…?

Sounds Good: Brilliant underground/alternative hip hop this week kicks off with the phenomenal track “Work It Out” by Jurassic 5.

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