Episode 323: A bear rescue operation in China, wise words from the Dalai Lama, the delights of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the genius of tap dancer Jimmy Slyde, and more…

Good News: 101 Moon Bears have been rescued from captivity and moved to a care facility, Link HERE.

The Good Word: More words to live by from the Dalai Lama.

Good To Know: A fascinating fact about the bones of cats…

Good News: Senegal begins to replant their incredibly important mangrove forests, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a brief but restorative virtual stroll through the wondrous Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Link HERE.

Good For You: Watching amazing dancing is always Good For You, so check out the smooth and swinging style of master tap dancer Jimmy Slyde, HERE.

Sounds Good: Watch the unbridled joy of George Michael onstage with the members of Queen at a Tribute to Freddie Mercury, as they perform “Somebody To Love” HERE.

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