Episode 320: Iceland triumphs the four-day work week, another great Vonnegut quote, several riffs on NYC’s High Line park in the works in the UK, the genius of Jack Benny, and more…

Good News: Iceland has completed a five-year trial of a four-day work week, with spectacular results, Link HERE.

The Good Word: One last quote from Kurt Vonnegut for this week…

Good To Know: Another amazing bit of trivia about the human body!

Good News: The city of Manchester in the UK is taking a cue from NYCs legendary High Line park, and converting a disused railway viaduct into green space! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: A weeklong tour of the great sights of Paris concludes today with the most iconic of structures, the Eiffel Tower. Learn more about it HERE.

Good For You: The brilliant talent, generous nature, and amazing career of comedy legend Jack Benny is the focus of a great documentary that is definitely Good For You, HERE.

Sounds Good: Wrapping up a week of terrific film music, we listen to the soaring theme to “Out Of Africa”, composed by John Barry, and performed by the Chamber Orchestra of New York, HERE.

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