Episode 313: An amazing wildlife bridge, a quote from A.A. Milne, an incredible work of art at London’s Tate Modern museum, more of the genius of Louis Armstrong, and more…

Good News: A defunct bridge over the Mississippi River may be repurposed into the world’s longest wildlife bridge! Link HERE.

The Good Word: An important reminder form the author of “Winnie-The-Pooh”, A.A. Milne.

Good To Know: A very impressive fact about the soil beneath us all.

Good News: Check out this information about a game-changing tree and its fascinating uses in a new type of farming, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: An astonishing exhibit at the Tate Modern art museum in London, from the brilliant Chinese dissident and artist, Ai Weiwei, Link HERE.

Good For You: The brilliant and long-running TV program “M*A*S*H” is an incredible testament to the genius of the writers and the ensemble cast. Watch some highlights HERE.

Sounds Good: More music from the amazing Louis Armstrong, this time from his Big Band phase! Check out “Swingin’ On Nothing”, HERE.

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