Episode 311: Repurposing wind turbine blades, an amazing and FREE museum in London, your weekly good (?) joke, a brilliant early performance from Louis Armstrong, and more…

Good News: Decommissioned wind turbine blades are being used in bridges and concrete, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A great quote from Louisa May Alcott!

Good To Know: A startling fact about the core of the Earth.

Good News: The nation of Gabon has become the first country to receive payment for its efforts to protect their rainforests, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Kicking off a week of incredible and FREE museums in London, we visit the National Gallery, courtesy of travel guru Rick Steves, Link HERE.

Good One: Here’s your joke for the day/week!

Sounds Good: Check out a very young Louis Armstrong performing the jazz standard “Dinah”, live in Denmark in 1933, HERE.

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