Episode 300: New protections for humpback whales, ambitious plans to plant trees in Vietnam, a classic roadside diner on Route 66, the first interview on The Daily Good, and more…

Good News: Endangered humpback whales are getting massively improved protections from the U.S. government, Link HERE.

The Good Word: One more great quote from Oscar Wilde…

Good To Know: A genuinely interesting bit of trivia about the Empire State Building!

Good News: The Prime Minister of Vietnam has announced a new initiative to plant a truly impressive amount of trees in the next five years, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Wrapping up the virtual road trip with a visit to a classic roadside diner in Oklahoma that helped inspire a character in the Disney/Pixar classic, “Cars”, Link HERE.

Good Company & Sounds Good: Combining both segments into the first-ever interview on The Daily Good, listen to a chat with the brilliant and talented guitarist, Jonathan Stout. Then hear more of his music, HERE.

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