Episode 297: Potential drilling in Alaska put on pause, a classic quote from Oscar Wilde, the World’s Largest Easel, the virtues of a great BLT, the irresistible swing of “Hoodle Addle”, and more…

Good News: The U.S. government has suspended arctic oil drilling leases pending review to ensure environmental health, Link HERE.

The Good Word: An oft-quoted, but undeniably brilliant, quote from Oscar Wilde.

Good To Know: Some truly surprising trivia about the “mouthwash”, Listerine…

Good News: A remarkable combination of apartment tower and vertical forest has just been completed in The Netherlands, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Continuing to virtually road-trip across America, we pause at the “World’s Largest Easel” in Goodland, Kansas! Link HERE.

Bon Appetit: Listen to genius chef and food scientist J. Kenji Lopez-Alt explain the magic of a truly great BLT, HERE.

Sounds Good: Dig the deeply swung groove of Ray McKinley and His Orchestra featuring Will Bradley, and their amazing “Hoodle Addle”, HERE.

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