Episode 296: A generous high school grad, a thoughtful quote from Oscar Wilde, major tree-planting in Glasgow, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra swings “C-Jam Blues”, and more…

Good News: A high schooler won full-ride scholarship to college and is now taking his former college savings to create a fund for students to come after him, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A brilliant quote from the remarkable mind of Oscar Wilde.

Good To Know: A great bit of trivia about pre-eraser technology…

Good news: The city of Glasgow, Scotland, is creating an initiative to plant 18 MILLION trees over the next decade, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Kicking off a virtual road trip with a visit to the “World’s Largest Czech Egg” in Wilson, Kansas! Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly joke to spring on unsuspecting friends. Or enemies. Your choice.

Sounds Good: A week of favorite songs from the Swing genre begins with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra’s incredible performance of Duke Ellington’s “C-Jam Blues”, Link HERE.

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