Episode 291: Good news about global environmental conservation, help for blindness through algae (!), the splendor of St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, some early Jamaican ska, and more…

Good News: Global conservation efforts have added land mass equivalent to the size of Russia in the past decade, Link HERE.

The Good Word: More great quotes about literature this week, starting with some thoughts from Charles W. Eliot.

Good To Know: Time to learn a bit about Mike the Headless Wonder Chicken!

Good News: Scientists have used a gene therapy, based on light-sensitive algae, to partially restore sight to a blind person, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Kicking off a week visiting some amazing cathedrals of the world, and first up: the splendid St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland! Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly joke to spring on your unsuspecting friends (or enemies!)

Sounds Good: Our first segment in a week-long theme about the many styles and eras of Ska music, starting with early classics from Jamaica such as “007 (Shanty Town)” by Desmond Dekker and The Aces, Link HERE.

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