Episode 286: A new insight into the relationship between bees and flowers, a great quote about stories, a new take on rechargeable batteries for vehicles, two great birthdays, and more…

Good News: A Tel Aviv-based evolutionary biologist is researching an incredible link between the sound of pollinator wings and flowers, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Kicking off a week of quotes about books and stories with words from Neil Gaiman…

Good To Know: A fascinating bit of information about the world’s freshwater supplies!

Good News: A team of scientists at Harvard are creating an AMAZING new form of lithium-metal battery for a new generation of electric vehicles, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out one of the most beautiful archipelagos on earth, Raja Ampat in Indonesia, Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly hilarious (?) joke…

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to a great swing musician, Artie Shaw, and a great swing dancer, Nick Williams! Check out the magic of the two together, along with the dazzling Laura Keat, HERE!

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