Episode 276: A new ship can clean plastic from the ocean as it sails, beautiful words from the “Bard of Bengal”, the beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef, an early birthday for King Oliver, and more…

Good News: A grant of funds from the U.S. government will help clear leftover land mines from Zimbabwe and South Africa, Link HERE.

The Good Word: The first of a week’s worth of brilliant quotes from Rabindarath Tagore.

Good To Know: An interesting fact about the etymology of the name “Bonobo”…

Good News: A new ship is being developed the will clear 1 to 3 tons per hour of plastic waste out of the ocean as it sails along! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Behold the wonders of the second largest reef complex on Earth, the Belize Barrier Reef System, Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly “joke”…

Sounds Good: Happy Birthday to one of the legends of early New Orleans-style jazz, Joe “King” Oliver. Listen to his classic “Dippermouth Blues”, HERE.

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