Episode 263: A biodegradable food wrap, a brilliant quote from Mahatma Gandhi, an upgrade to a very old idea, beautiful Brighton, another classic song from Fred and Ginger, and more…

Good News: A new type of food wrap has been created that is both edible and water soluble, link HERE

The Good Word: Another fantastic quote from Gandhi.

Good To Know: The surprisingly early first appearance of a now-ubiquitous abbreviation…

Good News: A Dutch design firm has come up with a great new version of the age-old device, the rain barrel, link HERE

Wonderful World: A lovely little film tour of the wonderful UK city, Brighton. Link HERE!

Good For You: An ode to the beauty of rituals, and a charming video clip about tea rituals, HERE

Sounds Good: More classic music introduced by the films of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers! Today: “They All Laughed”, sung by Ginger, from Shall We Dance (1937), Link HERE

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