Episode 257: Jersey Mike’s annual charity month blows past goals, Thoreau talks about the joy of a morning walk, we visit the delightful Palouse Falls, Peter Gabriel thrills and challenges with “Biko”, and more…

Good News: Jersey Mike’s, the chain of sandwich shops, more than doubled their fundraising goals during their Annual Month of Giving, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely thought about mornings from Henry David Thoreau

Good To Know: A little, lovely fact/quote about the polio vaccine and Dr. Salk.

Good News: Saudi Arabia plans to reduce their carbon emissions by 60% AND plant 50 BILLION trees, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a virtual tour of the stunningly beautiful “Official Falls of Washington State”, Palouse Falls, Link HERE

Bon Appetit: We revisit TDG favorite, Phil Rosenthal, as we check out a segment from his YouTube channel “Phil Rosenthal World” as he visits Larchmont Wine & Cheese and gets excited about some AMAZING sandwiches, Link HERE

Sounds Good: We explore Peter Gabriel’s social and political activism with his stirring and powerful protest song “Biko”, Link HERE

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