Episodes 256: An 8-year-old cancer survivor sets a new record for Girl Scout cookie sales, a classic quote from Thoreau, the glory of Olympic National Park, the first hit single of Peter Gabriel, and more…

Good News: A young cancer survivor has set a new record for the most Girl Scout cookies sold in one season, Link HERE

The Good Word: The first of a week’s-worth of quotes from the great Henry David Thoreau.

Good To Know: An interesting fact about duffel bags…

Good News: Science may have found compounds in amber that could help fight antibacterial-resistant infections, Link HERE

Wonderful World: We kick off a week celebrating National and State Parks with a lovely aerial tour of Olympic National Park in Washington, Link HERE

Good One: Your weekly joke…

Sounds Good: Watch and listen to Peter Gabriel performing his first hit single “Solsbury Hill” live, on his Secret World tour in 1994, Link HERE

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