Episode 255: An extraordinary archaeological discovery in Egypt, a great short poem from Robert Frost, the brilliant travel philosophy of Rick Steves, an amazing performance by David Byrne, and more…

Good News: Archaeologist have unearthed a lost city in Egypt they are hailing as this most significant find since the tomb of King Tutankhamun, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely, brief poem from Robert Frost.

Good To Know: A surprising little fact about a hit song recorded by Johnny Cash…

Good News: Great Britain continues to set new, amazing records in the realm of renewable energy, with a particularly great Easter weekend, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a virtual scenic tour of one of the great natural wonders of the world, The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in Australia, Link HERE

Good Company: We take a few minutes to appreciate the profound and deeply moving travel philosophy of the great travel guru, Rick Steves. Check out some more of his philosophy HERE.

Sounds Good: Wrapping up our week of David Byrne’s musical genius with a live performance of some of his most recent work, “Everybody’s Coming To My House” from his musical “American Utopia”, Link HERE

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