Episode 254: Coffee is good for forest growth, a great new collective noun for you, Tesco eliminates a billion pieces of plastic, David Byrne dazzles us latin-style, and more…

Good News: Coffee pulp, left over from the coffee harvesting process, is actually amazingly good for tropical soils, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely poem from the pen of Wendell Berry.

Good To Know: What IS the collective noun for a group of pugs, anyway?

Good News: The largest supermarket chain in the UK, Tesco, eliminated 1 BILLION pieces of plastic last year, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Spend a few serene minutes with the amazing Napali State Park coastline on the island of Kauai, Link HERE

Good Times: A little info about the Works Progress Administrationk created on this day in 1935!

Sounds Good: We experience the stunning majesty of David Byrne’s 1989 solo album, Rei Momo, a collection of incredible Latin music! Check out the video for “Make Believe Mambo” HERE

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