Episode 252: Completely rethinking farming in Western Australia, a gorgeous poem from Anais Nin, one of the most stunning coastal cities in Italy, some REALLY good food from a great chef, more genius music from David Byrne, and more…

Good News: A farming collective in Western Australia is moving to completely rethink the way the world approaches the whole farming industry and make it more positive and sustainable for the land and people, Link HERE

The Good Word: an absolutely brilliant and very short poem from the great Anais Nin.

Good To Know: A genuinely amazing fact about some former Olympic competitions…

Good News: A joint US-UK aviation company is pushing to create hydrogen-powered commercial jet aircraft by 2026, link HERE

Wonderful World: A virtual visit to one of the most picturesque towns in all the world: Manarola, one of Italy’s Cinque Terre and an absolute stunner! Link HERE

Bon Appetit: Behold a brief, real-time video on how to make a favorite meal: Tortilla Pizzas! And they are made by the genius foodie/food scientist J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Link HERE

Sounds Good: More incredible, game-changing music from Talking Heads: Check out their live performance of “Once In A Lifetime” from the amazing concert film “Stop Making Sense”, HERE

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