Episode 251: India donates 200,000 Covid vaccines to UN peacekeepers, a sharp poem from Margaret Atwood, a gorgeous waterfall in Iceland, the first part of our weeklong celebration of David Byrne, and more…

Good News: India has donated 200,000 Covid vaccines to the UN to be distributed to peacekeepers all over the world, Link HERE

The Good Word: A short, sharp poem from Margaret Atwood.

Good To Know: A little something about the first-ever webcam…

Good News: A community in Scotland has come together to create a brand new nature reserve, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Check out a lesser-known but still stunning waterfall in Iceland, HERE

Good One: Your weekly clean bit of humor, suitable for the office or the kids.

Sounds Good: Kicking off a week enjoying the music and artistry of David Byrne, we catch him with Talking Heads just after their debut album dropped, performing the seminal “Psycho Killer” in 1977, Link HERE

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