Episode 248: Sea-powered cars in Scotland, an amazing springtime poem, a carrot myth delightfully debunked, the pleasures of the Jack Benny radio show, Bach’s birthday, and more…

Good News: An island in Scotland has electric car power points now powered by offshore sea turbines, link HERE

The Good Word: An amazing springtime poem from D.H. Lawrence!

Good To Know: Why do we think carrots are good for your eyesight? This is why…

Good News: Yet another amazing report showing the growth of returns on renewable energy investments, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Check out this online tour of the many wonders of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich near London, Link HERE

Good For You: A somewhat lengthy ode to the brilliance of Jack Benny and his great Old Time Radio Show. Check out footage of the show being broadcast, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to Johann Sebastian Bach! Watch his music add depth and beauty to the great film “Master And Commander”, HERE.

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