Episode 246: The Million Gardens Movement, Canada pledges billions to electrify their public transport, a wonderful springtime poem, the glory of Westminster Abbey, and more…

Good News: Two philanthropists with a love for gardening have joined forces to bring the Million Gardens Movement to the world, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely poem celebrating spring, by Billy Connolly.

Good To Know: A surprising fact about the (occasional) third largest city in Nebraska.

Good News: The Government of Canada has pledged 2.75 BILLION dollars to help make their public transportation electric powered and zero-emission! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a stunning aerial tour of the spectacular and historic Westminster Abbey, Link HERE

Good One: Your weekly joke to share with your friends. Or enemies. Whomever.

Sounds Good: Kicking off a week celebrating music in film, with birthday boy Vangelis, performing his main theme from “Chariots Of Fire” with a live orchestra, Link HERE

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