Episode 245: Peanut allergies in infants on the decline, “pocket parks” popping up in Athens, a gorgeous 360-degree tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral, birthday boy Ben Webster, and more…

Good News: A great new study shows a 16% decline in peanut allergies when peanuts are introduced into infant diets! Link HERE

The Good Word: The final, lovely stanza of the poem “Spring” by Christina Rosetti.

Good To Know: Just a simple, incredible surfing fact….

Good News: Athens is turning garbage- and weed-ridden plots of land in the city into lovely little “pocket parks” which are just as splendid as they sound! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take an incredible 360-degree tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral, courtesy of the clever BBC, Link HERE

Good Company: Spend some time in the VERY good company of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, dancing and singing “Isn’t It A Lovely Day To Be Caught In The Rain” from Top Hat, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the amazing and influential jazz and swing tenor sax player, Ben Webster! Check him out with some pretty fast company, playing Duke Ellington’s “C-Jam Blues”, HERE

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