Episode 243: A remarkable new “green” school building in India, more poetry from Christina Rosetti, the beauty of London’s Hyde Park, the lunacy of the Marx Brothers in “Animal Crackers”, and more…

Good News: A new school building in the city of Pune, India, is under development and it is AMAZING! Link HERE

The Good Word: The next stanza of Christina Rosetti’s lovely poem, “Spring”.

Good To Know: Something…interesting…about ice cream in Japan.

Good News: A new line of “green roof tiles” from a Dutch design firm is now on sale, check them out HERE

Wonderful World: A visit to the delights of Hyde Park, in the middle of London, HERE

Good For You: An ode to the brilliance of the Marx Brothers in “Animal Crackers”, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to the stunning “Manteca” performed by Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra at the Newport Jazz Festival, Link HERE

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