Episode 241: A remarkable fossil find, a quote from recent birthday boy Mr. Rogers, a lovely tour around Piccadilly Circus, music from another birthday boy, Modest Mussorgsky, and more…

Good News: Paleontologist have unearthed an amazing fossil discovery in southern China, Link HERE

The Good Word: Happy belated birthday (March 20th) to Mister Rogers! Here’s a favorite quote.

Good To Know: A surprising fact about fruit flies and drunkenness…

Good News: A 15-year-old has created a nonprofit company to 3D print schoolhouses around the world for children without access to same, Link HERE

Wonderful World: We kick off a week of favorite places in London with a stunning tour around Piccadilly Circus, Link HERE

Good One: Your weekly good (bad) joke!

Sounds Good: Happy birthday (March 21st) to the great Russian composer, Modest Mussorgsky. Listen to a performance of his brilliant “Pictures At An Exhibition”, Link HERE

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