Episode 240: A possible treatment for ALS, thoughts about poetry from Dylan Thomas, the stunning city of Valletta, a great performance by the late Bill Henderson, and more…

Good News: A possible new treatment for ALS has been announced from researchers at Northwestern University, link HERE

The Good Word: A wonderful reflection about the power of poetry from Dylan Thomas.

Good To Know: A hilarious bit of trivia about a dinosaur.

Good News: An engineering student has developed a new, safe solvent that can remove 90% of the oil from bird feathers in the event of an oil spill, link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a virtual tour of the capital of Malta, the stunning city of Valletta, HERE

Good Company: Learn a few more lovely things about the patron saint of this podcast, Mister Rogers!

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the late, truly great jazz vocalist and actor, Bill Henderson! Check him out in his younger days, swinging the song “Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home”, HERE

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