Episode 237: A new arthritis treatment for dogs, rediscovered music from WWII, the delights of the lavender fields for Provence, the glory of jet lag and cheese, and more…

Good News: A new arthritis therapy for dogs is being rolled out in Scotland, which promises no side effects, Link HERE

The Good Word: A great quote (and reminder!) from Charles Darwin…

Good To Know: An absolutely brilliant anecdote about a submarine during WWII!

Good News: A military big band, which made the only recordings from a frontline position, has been rediscovered and their music is available for you to listen to, HERE

Wonderful World: Take a soothing flight over the rolling fields of lavender in Provence, HERE

Bon Appetit: A little story about the joys of cheese and wine when fighting jet lag in Paris, and a delightful clip of Rick Steves visiting a Parisian cheese shop, HERE

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the late, great jazz and swing trumpeter Ruby Braff! Check him out, swinging “Them There Eyes” in 1991, HERE

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