Episode 228: A brilliant invention to provide low-cost light and water to the shantytowns of Chile, a lovely quote from e.e. cummings, the delights of Seattle’s Volunteer Park, the brilliance of the Marx Brothers, and more…

Good News: A designer has invented a combination skylight/water desalinator that can provide clean drinking water and cheap lighting to the residents of Chile’s shantytowns, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely and important quote from e.e. cummings.

Good To Know: Something fascinating about big statues around the world…

Good News: More amazing progress in Paris, as they continue the campaign to make that city more pedestrian and cyclist friendly! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a few minutes to watch a lovely, brief film about the wonders of Seattle’s beautiful and historic Volunteer Park, Link HERE

Good For You: A meditation on the merits and genius of the legendary Marx Brothers! Check out their entire movie “A Night In Casablanca” HERE

Sounds Good: Frederic Chopin’s splendid “Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 66” performed on a harp, Link HERE

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