Episode 226: A charitable food group providing high-quality meals to disaster hit areas, hilarious snow-plow names in Scotland, the majesty of Mount Rainier, the beauty of a ballade by Chopin, and more…

Good News: The brilliant charity food organization Mercy Chefs have served their 10-millionth meal to disaster victims and first-responders, Link HERE

The Good Word: Kicking off a week of lovely poetry with some verse from Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring.

Good To Know: A fact about sneezing that will make you grateful.

Good News: An online contest has provided brilliant and hilarious names to a fleet of snow plows working in Scotland. Follow them with an app HERE

Wonderful World: Continuing the celebration of the Pacific Northwest, we revel in the glory of Mount Rainier. Check out a mesmerizing video HERE

Good One: Your weekly great (terrible) joke!

Sounds Good: Frederic Chopin was born on this date, so we use that as our thin excuse to listen to his music all week, starting with this lovely performance HERE

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