Episode 224: A breakthrough drug in the fight against clinical obesity, a weird fact about Bluetooth, some praise for the Washington State Ferries, Benny Goodman playing classical music, and more…

Good News: A “game changer” drug promises major improvements in the treatment of clinical obesity, Link HERE

The Good Word: A powerful quote from Marcus Garvey

Good To Know: A truly odd fact about Bluetooth…

Good News: A housing materials company in Bogota, Colombia, makes their materials from coffee husks, keeping them out of landfills and making cheap and useful houses, Link HERE

Wonderful World: More local loveliness in the Seattle area! This time, waxing rhapsodic about the classic Washington State Ferries of Puget Sound, Link HERE

Good Times: Watch amazing film footage from 1919 of a master at his craft, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, born on this day in 1841, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Check out footage of Benny Goodman playing CLASSICAL music in Japan in 1957, Link HERE

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