Episode 220: Two amazing stories to help us all consider the long passing of time, a great quote from Ella Fitzgerald, a classic Route 66 roadside attraction, and more…

Good News: Check out (!) an AMAZING new library concept taking place in Norway, Link HERE

The Good Word: A favorite inspirational quote from Ella Fitzgerald.

Good To Know: A fascinating fact about the world’s first “roller coaster”!

Good News: Learn about the “Deep Time” movement in philosophy by learning about “Longplayer”, Link HERE

Wonderful World: We wrap up our two-weeks of road-trip reminiscing with a stop off at a classic roadside attraction, the Art Deco wonder of a gas station in Shamrock, Texas! Link HERE

Good Company: Spend some time learning about (and from) the great Henry David Thoreau, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Our week of Debussy finishes up with an amazing playlist: the complete piano Preludes! Link HERE

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