Episode 217: Amazing roof tiles for the birds, a truly great quote from Vernon Jordan, a 3D printed HOUSE is up for sale, one of the best meals ever, and more…

Good News: A roof tile manufacturer in Turkey is making tiles that double as bird houses, free of charge! Link HERE

The Good Word: An absolutely extraordinary quote from Vernon Jordan.

Good To Know: Wanna know something funny about Sonic The Hedgehog…?

Good News: The first 3D printed house to hit the market is available in Riverhead, NY for just $300,000! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Check out the “World’s Largest Czech Egg”, located in the Czech capital of Kansas, the city of Wilson, Link HERE

Bon Appetit: One of the most memorable breakfasts in the world is at the remarkable “East Elevation” in Melbourne, Australia, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to a brilliant performance of one of Claude Debussy’s earlier piano compositions, “Reverie”, played here by the great Lang Lang, Link HERE

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