Episode 216: A new method of farming to help mitigate carbon emissions, the “World’s Largest Easel”, a great joke, Debussy’s Claire De Lune as you’ve never heard it, and more…

Good News: Carbon sequestering farming promises to bring financial remuneration to the agricultural industry with new ideas on how to work the land, Link HERE

The Good Word: A truly great quote from Arthur Ashe.

Good To Know: A little something about frostbite…

Good News: A struggling fisherman in Thailand has found an incredibly valuable and rare form of pearl, Link HERE

Wonderful World: More road trip memories, with the “World’s Largest Easel”, off I-70 in Goodland, Kansas! Link HERE

Good One: Your weekly suitable-for-an-eight-year-old joke!

Sounds Good: Listen to a phenomenal find, a piano roll of Claude Debussy playing his own “Claire De Lune”, Link HERE

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