Episode 215: Native lands returned to the tribal owners in Panama, a way to turn the hills of the UK into “batteries”, the brilliance of Douglas Adams, and the brilliance of the Beach Boys’s “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, and more…

Good News: The Naso tribe in northwestern Panama has been give their ancestral lands back as a semi-autonomous territory, Link HERE

The Good Word: A splendid quote from Dizzy Gillespie.

Good To Know: A fact about Pringles that you’ll DEFINTELY want to memorize.

Good News: A new method of hydropower in the UK brings the potential to harness the many hills of the land to bring more renewable power to the grid, Link HERE

Wonderful World: A classic oddball roadside attraction, the Popeye Statue in Alma, Arkansas!

Good Company: Spend a few minutes reflecting on the great mind and imagination of Douglas Adams.

Sounds Good: Wrapping up a week of the music of the Beach Boys, watch a short “behind the scenes” video about the phenomenal opening track from Pet Sounds, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, Link HERE

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