Episode 212: A major drop in crime in Australia, a major drop in accidental albatross deaths (98%!), an incredible burger in Oklahoma, Brian Wilson discusses his legendary “God Only Knows” with George Martin, and more…

Good News: Australia reports major drops in crime over the past 20 years…MAJOR DROPS. Link HERE

The Good Word: A truly brilliant quote from Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Good To Know: A sorta hilarious bit of trivia about Russia and the 1908 Olympic Games…

Good News: A simple and elegant solution has saved thousands of Albatrosses from accidental deaths, Link HERE

Wonderful World & Bon Appetit: The Epic Road Trip stories continue with a visit to Oklahoma, and a culinary regional specialty, the Onion Burger, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to the genius behind the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, discuss his process and his classic song “God Only Knows” with the legendary producer and engineer for The Beatles, George Martin, Link HERE

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