Episode 208: More wildflowers in the UK, great trivia about Jesse Owens, a visit to India’s Blue City, Count Basie and His Orchestra swing the blues, and more…

Good News: Coronation Meadows are a thing in the UK, meadows being planted all over the nation to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Link HERE

The Good Word: A brilliant and subtle quote from the great athlete Jesse Owens.

Good To Know: Some incredible facts about the aforementioned Jesse Owens!

Good News: Healthcare workers with some unused Covid vaccines get stuck in a snow traffic jam and put the jabs to good use, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Explore the remarkable and stunning “Blue City of India”, Jodhpur! Link HERE

Good For You: Need a TV show that’ll give your soul a break and also give you a laugh? Look no further than “The Graham Norton Show”, Link HERE

Sounds Good: A fantastic “soundie” of Count Basie and His Orchestra in 1941, playing two great tunes, “Dance of the Gremlins” and “Swingin’ The Blues”, Link HERE

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