Episode 206: A surprise avian visitor to Central Park, a quote from Dr. King, an amazing financial pledge for Africa’s Great Green Wall, Basie Week kicks off, and more…

Good News: A surprise visitor has appeared in NYC’s Central Park, for the first time in 130 years, Link HERE

The Good Word: A fantastic quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Good To Know: A delightfully odd fact about the Arizona capitol building’s roof…

Good News: $14 Billion dollars have been pledged to help the Great Green Wall project, spanning the continent of Africa with trees to fight climate change-driven damage, Link HERE

Wonderful World: A gorgeous visit to one of the most spectacular cities in India, stunning Jaipur! Link HERE

Good One: Your weekly little joke…

Sounds Good: We kick off a week of music from Count Basie with one of his most beloved tunes, the classic “Corner Pocket”, live in Stockholm in 1967, Link HERE

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