Episode 205: Porpoise populations on the rebound, a quote from Jane Austen, the stunning Galapagos Islands, a visit to Mister Rogers, Paul McCartney gives us a tour of Liverpool, and more…

Good News: Gillnet bans have led to a tremendous rebound in the populations of marine life, especially Harbor Porpoises, Link HERE

The Good Word: Celebrating the anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice, we hear a classic quote.

Good To Know: A fun fact about the origin of tea bags!

Good News: The rewilding movement in the UK keeps gaining momentum, and the Woodmeadow Trust in Yorkshire is a part of it! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Wrapping up our week in South America with a stunning video of the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, Link HERE

Good Company: Kicking off this new segment by celebrating the heartfelt brilliance of the patron saint of the podcast, Mister Rogers, Link HERE

Sounds Good: We finish our week celebrating The Beatles by joining Sir Paul McCartney and James Corden as they sing their way around Liverpool and hear Paul’s stories, Link HERE

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