Episode 203: Coal power on the wane in Southeast Asia, a lovely poem excerpt from Neruda, a flyover of Machu Picchu, the brilliant Ringo Starr sings one of his beloved songs, and more…

Good News: The four fastest-developing economies in Southeast Asia are rethinking their commitments to coal power, and drastically scaling them back, Link HERE

The Good Word: An excerpt from Pablo Neruda’s masterwork, “The Heights of Machu Picchu”

Good To Know: Why were sunglasses invented? Not for the obvious reason…

Good News: A partnership between an internet provider and several UK city councils will bring internet access schoolchildren all over the country, FREE! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a gorgeous aerial tour of the magnificent Machu Picchu in Peru, Link HERE

Good For You: Sharing a brief clip from one of my favorite soul-soothing films of all time, Harvey. Link HERE

Sounds Good: Watch the criminally-underrated Ringo Starr absolutely hold an audience in the palm of his hand as he performs “Yellow Submarine” live onstage in 2009, Link HERE

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