Episode 202: Reasons to hug once we get the chance, a classic poem from Walt Whitman, a visit to a brilliant fish shack in England, George Harrison delights us with “Here Comes The Sun”, and more…

Good News: The German city of Ulm has come up with a fascinating last-ditch aid for the homeless during the wintertime, Link HERE

The Good Word: O Me! O Life! by Walt Whitman

Good To Know: A surprising bit of trivia about the bones in your feet.

Good News: Wanna know a bunch of reasons to look forward to all those post-social distancing hugs…? Link HERE

Wonderful World: Check out the little-known wonder of Colombia, Las Lajas Sanctuary, Link HERE

Bon Appetit: We revisit an absolute favorite — the stunningly scenic and delicious Riley’s Fish Shack in Tynemouth, England, Link HERE

Sounds Good: George Harrison, with a stellar lineup of friends, performs his Beatles-era classic, “Here Comes The Sun”, live in 1987, Link HERE

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