Episode 201: The UK pledges stronger efforts to combat climate change, a lovely little poem from Maya Angelou, a stunning National Park in Colombia, a new podcast segment, and more…

Good News: The UK has pledged 4 billion British Pounds to help developing nations to support sustainability and fight climate change, Link HERE

The Good Word: A delightful, and very terse, poem from the great Maya Angelou!

Good To Know: Just how troublesome can squirrels be…?

Good News: Salmon are spawning in the Upper Columbia River in Washington State, for the first time in 80 years! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Visit the splendid tropical paradise of Tayrona National Park in Colombia, Link HERE

Good One: A new podcast segment for Mondays, featuring JOKES with varying degrees of actual humor.

Sounds Good: We kick off a week to be spent with the Beatles, together, and as individuals. Leading off with a live performance of “Help!” in 1965, Link HERE

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