Episode 199: Hope for the nearly-extinct Northern White Rhino, a lovely quote from Cesar Chavez, a drink at London’s Bar Swift, music from Buena Vista Social Club, and more…

Good News: Norther White Rhinos are down to two females left, but thanks to science, artificial insemination may bring the species back from the brink, Link HERE

The Good Word: A quote from the great Cesar Chavez about food and friendship.

Good To Know: Famous Amos was more amazing than you know…

Good News: Check out this brilliant building in Milan, expertly combining cutting edge architecture with amazing green technology! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Spend a minute or two with Hamish, the bartender at London’s incredible Bar Swift, as he makes you a cocktail, Link HERE

Sounds Good: We revisit the lovely and evocative music from the legendary 1997 documentary, Buena Vista Social Club, Link HERE

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