Episode 198: More bookshops opened in the UK during the pandemic than closed, an important quote from Henry David Thoreau, a brief visit to the great Bar Termini in London, and more…

Good News: In a surprising silver lining, more bookstores opened than closed down during the lockdown in the UK, link HERE

The Good Word: Hear a great quote from the pen of Henry David Thoreau.

Good To Know: A startling fact about pineapples…

Good News: Dolly Parton’s charity, Imagination Library, has donated more than 150 million books to children over the years. Find out more HERE

Wonderful World: Watch as the bar manager of London’s amazing Bar Termini mixes you a classic Boulevardier cocktail, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Revisiting the phenomenal (and criminally underappreciated) Devo, and their fantastic live performance of “Gates Of Steel”, Link HERE

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