Episode 196: The chance to save a turtle species from extinction, the best bar and bartender in the world, a classic performance by the cast of “Hamilton”, and more…

Good News: The last known “Swinhoe’s Turtle” is no longer the last one, as a female has been discovered, raising the chance of breeding to save the species, link HERE

The Good Word: A fantastic quote from the great C.S. Lewis.

Good To Know: The ACTUAL difference between peaches and nectarines…?

Good News: A remarkable charity in Adelaide, Australia, is raising money to buy wheelchairs for the needy by recycling bread tags! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Meet the legendary barman, Murray Stenson, the 2010 “Bartender of the Year”, and former head bartender at the phenomenal cocktail bar, Zig Zag Cafe in Seattle, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Watch members of the original Broadway cast of “Hamilton” performing the signature song of that show, “My Shot”, live at the White House, Link HERE

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