Episode 193: A doctor makes a remarkably generous gesture, a gorgeous tour of Yellowstone National Park, a breathtaking display of improvisational lyrical genius from Black Thought, and more…

Good News: A cancer physician in Arkansas has given former patients at his now-closed clinic a phenomenal gift for the Christmas just past, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely quote from sci-fi legend Robert A. Heinlein.

Good To Know: A melancholy bit of trivia from Dublin airport.

Good News: Another amazing story of gratuity generosity in the fact of Covid struggles, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take four minutes to explore one of the most remarkable and beautiful national parks, Yellowstone! Link HERE

Sounds Good: Prepare yourself for ten minutes of unbridled stream-of-consciousness genius from Black Thought, the MC from The Roots, free styling on Hot 97 in 2017, Link HERE

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