Episode 191: A plumber in the UK helps the elderly and disabled for free, lowering air pollution has saved a stunning number of birds, a visit to the Oregon coast, a revisit to The Roots, and more…

Good News: An incredibly generous plumber in the UK has donated $77,000 worth of services to help the elderly and disabled for FREE! Link to his GoFundMe page HERE

The Good Word: A lovely quote from the legendary fantasy author, Terry Pratchett.

Good To Know: A good, old-fashioned random bit of trivia.

Good News: The air pollution regulations of the past 40 years has apparently saved a staggering amount of birds in the United States…Link HERE

Wonderful World: Four minutes of serenity, in the form of a video tour of the scenic Oregon Coast, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Take another look at the video for the first single ever released by the legendary Roots crew, “Proceed II”, featuring Roy Ayers on the vibes, Link HERE

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