Episode 190: China bans single-use plastic straws, reflection from Langston Hughes on art, a gorgeous video tour of Edinburgh, and more…

Good News: As 2021 begins, China’s ban on single-use plastic straws and bags takes effect, eliminating millions of tons of waste at a stroke, Link HERE

The Good Word: A meditation on the role of artists in the world, from Langston Hughes.

Good To Know: A slightly off-putting fact about Nile Crocodiles.

Good News: The journal, Nature Climate Change, has shown that global warming effects may happen more slowly than expected, giving us a chance to fight back, Link HERE

Wonderful World: A delightful romp around the splendid city of Edinburgh, Link HERE!

Sounds Good: What better way to wrap up a week’s reflections on jazz music and freedom, than with the brilliant intro to the documentary mini-series “Ken Burns: Jazz”, Link HERE

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